How to detect water leaks

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How to detect water leaks

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How to detect water leaks
There are several ways to detect water leaks, but not all detection methods are suitable for all types of water leaks. The first method we explain here is:

The easiest way to detect water leaks
In normal cases, if the leak is visible, it is easy to identify and detect. شركة كشف تسربات المياه بالخبر
In cases where the leak is somewhat hidden, such as toilet leaks, you should listen carefully and note the flush box to detect its leaks.
In cases of heaters leakage, we find that the hot water connection pipe is wet and here is a source of danger where a fatal short circuit may pour.
In cases of tanks, there are several methods, as in the upper tanks, we notice leakage on the external wall of the tank.
In the burial tanks, we notice the loss of large quantities in excess of the normal consumption rate.
In cases of water leakage inside the ceilings and walls as a result of buried pipes, we find the presence of dark spots indicating the presence of leakage and can be noticed with the naked eye.
One of the most important observations during the presence of water leaks is the presence of continuous clogging of the sewer sinks, especially kitchen and bathroom sinks and washing room sinks.
The appearance of saline spots and wetness on the water delivery pipes due to the accumulation of water in them in the event of a water leak.
Note that water bills are higher than the normal rate for household consumption.
How to detect water leaks through a water meter
The water meter in your home is an indication of increased and decreased consumption. If the meter gives readings in line with the amount of consumption and you have not noticed any signs of water leakage, it means that there is no water leakage in your home.

But if the water bills exceed the actual value for consumption, then there is a leak.

Here, we explain to you how to make sure of this leakage in several simple steps, as follows:

Record the current meter reading.
He closed all water taps and faucets, and warned all household members not to open them.
After an hour has passed, you can check the meter reading again.
If the reading is the same as the previous one without changing its meaning, there is no leakage.
If it is higher than the previous reading, it means there is a leak and it must be fixed.
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