How to prevent water leakage from the ceiling and walls?

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How to prevent water leakage from the ceiling and walls?

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How to prevent water leakage from the ceiling and walls?
There are several methods that are used to treat water leakage problems and to prevent leakage from occurring in the foundation. It is best that the location of the water leak is detected and treated as quickly as possible to prevent the dire consequences that can occur, such as cracks in the walls of the house when water accumulates and collects on or inside the walls.
Even more dangerous is that damp ceilings and walls are the most suitable environment for the appearance of wall mold.

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In this guide from Jafar Shop, we'll explain how you can prevent water seeping from your ceiling and walls

Preventing water leakage from the roof
There are many factors that help prevent waterproofing from the roof, the most important of which is the use of insulators.
These are the most important types of insulation materials used to prevent waterproofing from the roof.

1. Silica isolation:
Silica is a chemical that comes in the form of granules. Silica insulation usually occurs during the construction of a house through mixing the silica with the concrete, as it increases the bonding strength between the concrete parts and thus prevents water infiltration completely.

2. Insulation with aluminum foil:
One of the most popular insulation materials, as the sheets are made of polyomin. These sheets shall be laid over the ceilings and fixed to prevent water leakage completely.

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3. Polystyrene insulation:
Polystyrene plus cork make up the polystyrene insulation. They are slabs that are laid over the roof and then concrete is poured over them to prevent water leakage.

4. Insulation using water glass:
The water glass is melted with water and spray it on the surface.

5. Insulation using asphalt:
The asphalt is spread over the roof and it is one of the most popular and effective insulation methods.

6. Rock wool insulation:
Rock wool is rubbed over the surfaces and cement is poured over them. Rock wool completely insulates surfaces and completely prevents waterproofing.

Preventing water leakage from walls
In winter, many homes have problems with waterproofing the walls. This leakage leads to moisture and mold and can seriously damage the home infrastructure.

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The first step in addressing the problem of wall waterproofing is to search for the main source of water leakage. In the past, breaking the walls was the solution to discover the location of the leak, but now there are modern devices that can be used to detect the location of the leak without any cracking or damage to the walls or pipes.
When building a home, it is best to consider insulating the walls from the inside to ensure there are no leaks and to combat moisture and mold.
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