Suicide Squad Movie

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Suicide Squad Movie

Postprzez denicharlotte » Cz, 15 paź 2020, 12:28

Did you happen to watch Suicide Squad? How did you find the movie? I got very bad reviews about the characters and plot of the movie but to my surprise, the movie was one of the money-making movies grossing around $325.1 million in the US. Apart from the story, I loved how this movie was pictured and mostly the costumes, they are trending nowadays. Are you also wondering from where you can get that fashionable Suicide Squad Katana jacket? You can get your hands on to the jacket from Movie leather jackets at a very reasonable cost. This will surely my winter thing; that comfy material and color give me enchanting look at my university and casual events.
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Suicide Squad Movie

Postprzez ThomasWitly » Pn, 19 paź 2020, 02:34

Deadpool was enjoyable. A little thin on plot, but supposedly they were working on a very tight budget, and from that standpoint they pulled it off wonderfully. And, Inara shows lots of skin....ahem. Ive never read any of the comics, so I dont have any basis to judge the characters accuracy.

Suicide squad looks fun, but with only a PG-13 rating, it makes me wonder. Well see.

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