The method of wiring bathroom sinks

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The method of wiring bathroom sinks

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The method of wiring bathroom sinks
– When the bathroom sink is clogged, a caustic substance must be poured into the drain with boiling water to get rid of insects or any bacteria or microbes present in the drain.

– Pouring the caustic substance is repeated more than once while waiting for the drain to be drained well.

We can try pouring some vinegar into the drain because it contains chemicals that work to get rid of the blockage in the drain.

All drainage holes are closed until we hear any air bubbles that indicate the removal of blockages in the drain and the disposal of food, hair, or any clogging of the drain.

Finally, a liter of boiling water is used in the drain.

How to clean the sewer with acid
Acid is a chemical consisting of fire water that has a very strong effect in giving immediate and strong results in getting rid of fat and waste immediately and its use is as follows:

The acid is placed in the drain and left for half an hour.

After half an hour, boiling hot water is poured over the fire water.

We will notice that the acid has already been able to permanently get rid of all the fat and waste that clog the sewer drain.

Warnings to be followed when using acid in draining the drain
There are some things that must be taken into account if acid is used to clean the sewers, including:

– It is better to resort to one of the companies specialized in cleaning sewers using acid, because they have experience in the amount that must be placed and how to deal with this substance.

– Pay attention to the ventilation of the place well, because this substance comes out of gas that leads to severe damage to health.

Take the necessary precautions, which are to wear glasses and goggles in addition to wearing protective clothing before using acid.

The use of acid is not completely safe for use with all types of sewage pipes, because the plastic or galvanized steel types are considered unsafe types that may corrode when using acid.

– In the event of infection with some drops of acid on the face or on one of the areas in the skin, the area should be washed well with plenty of water to get rid of the effect of this acid on the skin.

Situations in which acid is used in sewage drainage
There are some cases in which it is necessary to resort to the use of acid to clean the sewage, including:

– In the event that the sewage drain is slow, or there is a slight blockage in the sewage, it is estimated at about 200 milliliters, and this blockage takes place in a period not exceeding 10 seconds.

– In the case of strong blockage, add 005 ml of the master for an hour, while following the previous steps.

Cleaning kitchen sinks without using acid
There are some steps that a housewife can take to get rid of fatty deposits in the drain without using chemicals such as acid or others, and these steps include:

Completely empty the sink of any dishes or food residues in it so that it is easier to work in the sink.

Bring a cup of bicarbonate and put it in the sink, but the basin must be dry so that the powder penetrates into the clogged tube.

After that, 2 cups of boiling water are added inside the tube and left for minutes until it reacts with the powder.

Finally, add another cup of bicarbonate, and then add another cup of white vinegar.

Then the tube is blocked from the opposite side so that we hear the sound of bubbles, evidence of the interaction of the components and their successful operation.

After the bubbles are over, all you have to do is add boiling water to get rid of any deposits or fats present in the tube.

Tips for cleaning drains
There are some guidelines to follow when cleaning drains:

It is necessary to pay attention to wearing protective rubber socks to prevent your hands from contamination or the access of chemicals to them.

The necessity of wearing protective glasses in anticipation of flying insects that surround the drain.

You should also wear a hat or cover to prevent dust while working or sewage splashing on the hair.

The necessity of paying attention to the availability of tools necessary for work, such as: the English key, solid wire and other materials that are used in wiring sewers.
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