Ways to rationalize water consumption

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Ways to rationalize water consumption

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Ways to rationalize water consumption
Rationalization of water consumption
Water is the lifeblood of living organisms present in various ecosystems on the face of the globe, and part of its natural resources, as water is used in various human activities. Such as drinking, irrigation, cooking, cleaning, and recreation in swimming pools, gardens, etc., in addition to their use in various agricultural and industrial activities, which exposes individuals to face many challenges caused by the increase in these activities and the pressure on the existing water sources being unsustainable, which led to the depletion of sources. Surface and ground water, the deterioration of water systems, and the risks that this causes in the future of economic growth, so it was imperative to follow methods to rationalize water consumption inside or outside the home.

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Ways to rationalize water consumption
Ways to rationalize water consumption inside the house
The problem of water leakage inside homes is one of the most important causes of wasting water, so the individual must repair it as soon as possible, and this is done by inspecting the water faucets and valves and repairing the damaged ones, and one of the most important indications of leaks in the house is the high water bill in the winter, while not Water is used in activities outside the home, such as irrigation. As for other household activities that consume water mainly, they are as follows:

The kitchen: There are many household activities responsible for water consumption in the kitchen, and the individual can save a greater amount of water through simple steps, such as repeatedly using water for short periods instead of running it for periods, installing a faucet filter, and avoiding the use of running water to defrost food. And clean dishes dry and soak them to reduce the time of using water while cleaning it, and it is also necessary not to use the dishwasher unless it is full, in addition to reusing clean water used in boiling some foods such as eggs or vegetables for irrigation, and recycling vegetable and fruit waste in the form of fertilizer Instead of getting rid of them, which increases the period of water retention in the soil.
Toilets: The water consumption in the bathrooms is concentrated in the expected leaks and personal hygiene uses, and a greater amount of water can be provided in them through many activities, such as replacing old toilets with ones with low water flow that are characterized by their quality and provision of water, and avoiding the use of running water to clean teeth and shave, Minimize shower time, and use of saving showers.
Cleaning: The use of cleaning devices is a major cause of water consumption such as a washing machine, which is why individuals should not operate it unless it is full, and make sure to replace it with water-saving devices, as it is characterized by its quality, excellent cleaning and the use of less detergents.

Ways to rationalize water consumption outside the home
Using water outside the home requires attention to several things that affect the amount of water consumed in various outdoor activities. The most important of these activities are mentioned below:

Watering time: Owners of home gardens are advised to water the plants in the early morning, and to avoid watering in the afternoon and afternoon due to the high level of evaporated water at these times, and irrigation should be avoided at sunset, as it stimulates the growth of plant fungi that consume from irrigation water, and thus there are approximately 95 Liters of water, in addition to the need to pay attention to automatic irrigation systems and not to operate them on rainy or windy days in order to save more water.
Sprinkler irrigation system: Sprinkler irrigation systems are frequently used in homes, so it is advisable to check the sprinklers to ensure that they are free of leaks, and the faucet must be directed directly on the area to be irrigated to avoid water splashing into the sidewalks and street areas, in addition to the periodic distribution of irrigation times, and to reduce the time Watering every time, which leads to the soil absorbing water completely instead of remaining on the surface of the soil and evaporating it.
Irrigation systems management: A large amount of water can be saved through the correct management of irrigation systems, so it is advisable to use smart irrigation systems that are turned off on rainy days, and to use water from household activities that save a lot of water, and individuals must make sure of the good ventilation of the soil from Through drilling holes in them; To help them absorb water instead of evaporating it, drip irrigation systems can be used because of their great role in saving water, in addition to the possibility of establishing a well to collect rainwater and use it for irrigation.
Swimming pools: Swimming pools contribute to the loss of a large amount of water because it is the largest surface area of ​​water in homes, so it is advisable to use a cover to protect the water in it from evaporation or pollution, in addition to the need to ensure its maintenance and free from leaks, as a simple leak may lead to a loss of thousands of liters annually.
The quality of the planted plant: The quality of the cultivated plants affects the amount of water consumed because it differs in the amount of irrigation water they need, so it is recommended to plant local plants due to their ability to adapt to the environment, or succulent plants such as some types of cacti, in addition to lavender, rosemary and others. Planting some drought-resistant plants is a good idea, and it is also recommended to use natural fertilizer to nourish the soil and improve its quality, and to surround the plants and trees with mulch of dry leaves to keep them safe and reduce the evaporation of irrigation water.
Mowing the weeds: The method of properly mowing the weeds or lawns is a contributing factor in protecting irrigation water from evaporation, so it is advisable to cut the herbs and make them six to seven centimeters long in order to shade the soil and strengthen the roots of the weeds to help them resist drought. As for the mowed grass, it can be left on the soil to shade شركة فحص فلل بالخبر
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Ways to rationalize water consumption

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