The role of small and medium enterprises and their contribut

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The role of small and medium enterprises and their contribut

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The role of small and medium enterprises and their contribution to the economy has been measured according to three main criteria as follows:
• Contribution to the operation
• Contribution to production
• Its share in the total number of establishments in the economy
• There is no doubt that small and medium enterprises play an important role in economic development in general and in industrial development in particular. They represent the backbone of the private sector, and they constitute more than 90% of all projects in the world, and contribute to between 60 -50% of usage. Operating projects from them contribute to the manufacturing industries sector at a rate of between 80-40% of employment in this sector. In the least developed countries, which are the focal point of UNIDO's attention, the role of these projects becomes even more important as they represent the only realistic prospects for growth in employment and added value. The same is true of transition countries, where large, inefficient government institutions have begun to give way to smaller, more efficient private enterprises. Moreover, these projects are able to contribute effectively to the re-evaluation and restructuring of production in many developing countries, of which Egypt is one. It represents the foundation upon which comprehensive development is based, as it employs a large number of manpower, and contributes to reducing the exacerbation of unemployment, thus achieving regional balance for comprehensive development. Therefore, small enterprises are more important to the Egyptian economy to achieve comprehensive development. It has many economic impacts as it plays a major role in the national economy and local development. The number of small and medium enterprises in Egypt, including micro enterprises, is more than 2.5 million, representing about 99% of the non-agricultural private sector projects and contributing to 80% of the gross domestic product. It covers about 90% of the capital formation and absorbs about 75% of job opportunities, and annually 39 thousand new projects enter the field of production, and small industrial enterprises contribute about 13% of the value of industrial production and medium enterprises by about 46% and large projects by about 41%.
• Small and medium enterprises represent a major aspect of the Egyptian economy, as they are the backbone of the economy, and this is evidenced by some indicators as follows:
• The size of these projects, as they number more than 2.5 million, and about 39 thousand new projects are added annually, making them contribute about 75% of the employment in the non-agricultural private sector.
Small enterprises represent 87% of the volume of industrial projects compared to 11% for medium enterprises.
• Small enterprises represent about 13% of the value of industrial production compared to about 46% of medium enterprises.
• Its contribution to total Egyptian exports is about 4%, and this percentage represents about 60% in China, 56% in Taiwan, 70% in Hong Kong, and 43% in South Korea, which confirms the untapped potential of small industries in Egypt. Which plays a decisive role in increasing Egyptian exports
Its importance for the national economy can be summarized as follows:
• Increase the average per capita income
The increase in the supply and demand sides
• Innovation and the ability to reduce the gap between knowledge and market needs
• Directing activities to the targeted development areas through some incentives for the owners of small projects
• Contributing to the development of exports
• Integration with large projects through feeding industries and business interconnection فتح شركة في دبي
• Working on developing the economy by turning small enterprises into large ones
• Maximizing the economic return for the unit of capital, and the invested capital.
• Small enterprises contribute to spreading industries geographically and diversifying production, thus contributing to achieving flexibility and stability in economic activity
• We contribute to small enterprises (through income generation) in encouraging savings that can be directed towards productive investments.
• The contributions of small and medium enterprises to the development process through adopting labor-intensive production methods and distributing income equitably. They also contribute to combating poverty by providing job opportunities for both sexes. They also help to absorb local productive resources at all levels of the economy and help reduce economic differences between urban and rural areas.

• Small enterprises also contribute to generating added value, through the amount of addition that small enterprises generate from their production operations to the GDP. The greater the added value, the greater the importance of small enterprises in generating national income.

• Small enterprises depend on local workers, and here appears the great economic benefit of small enterprises on the national economy, as the employment of local manpower represents an important goal of development, especially in developing countries.

• Small industries use production techniques that are fairly simple, depend on labor-intensive, and create job opportunities that absorb part of unemployment and curb the increasing demand for government jobs; This helps countries that suffer from abundant work and scarcity of capital to face the problem of unemployment without incurring high capital costs, and these projects also provide many opportunities for women, youth and displaced people from rural areas who are not eligible to join the large enterprises and the organized sector in general. انشاء شركة

7- Promoting the small and medium enterprises sector and activating its development role in general and its role in creating job opportunities in particular, is an important and pivotal goal in Arab countries due to its contribution to relieving pressure on its role in combating the large unemployment on the labor markets in the Arab countries as a result of the huge number For new entrants to the labor market, and for its contribution to increasing industrial added value, supporting large national industries, improving the competitiveness of the productive sector, and contributing to innovation efforts and diversifying the economic structure. It also represents a cat انواع الرخص التجارية في دبي
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