The reasons for the emergence of insects in the house

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The reasons for the emergence of insects in the house

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The reasons for the emergence of insects in the house
Some factors play an effective role in the spread and reproduction of insects in the home, including the following:

Availability of suitable life and environmental requirements
The reason is that there are many insects in the house, that they find the basic requirements of life that they need, and provide them in a way that attracts and motivates them to stay or build their nests, such as the availability of a rich source of food, fresh water, and the ground or environment suitable for their growth and reproduction, which drives them to use these sources and be near them, And settling the house and attacking it in a way that the owners may not realize at the beginning, and among the things that attract pests in the house are the following: شركة مكافحة الافاعي بدبي

The presence of other pests that do not significantly affect the owners of the house, and they do not notice their presence, but at the same time they may be food on which other insects depend for survival, so they exist and multiply in the house because of it.
The house contains some plant waste that is disposed of and cleaned in unhealthy ways, or neglected, so it becomes a rich source that you benefit from, and many insects, such as flies, and mosquitos may congregate around it.
Provides some natural habitats that insects are attracted to, such as holes and cracks in trees, leftover leaves, sawdust, and cut trees discarded in the yards and gardens of homes, which become a fertile haven for many pests; It provides them with a good and safe environment that encourages them to nest and reproduce.
* The houses contain voids in the inner and outer walls, sheets of wood and metal that are thrown for long periods and exposed to moisture, in addition to some stones and dirty plant remnants around the corners of the external structure, and some forgotten waste, or firewood, etc., which facilitates the nesting of pests in them and their movement inside Home; To find food in it.

Escape and hide from weather conditions
Many insects migrate in the winter when the weather becomes colder, while others resort to hiding and trying to find shelter to escape from the difficult weather conditions, in search of warmth and heat, and some insects may enter homes and remain hidden in it in many places, including: stores, barns, and under sheets Plants, tree trunks, holes, under wooden panels, and the places previously mentioned, where you have hidden an adequate quantity of food under the dirt or in the holes and shelters that she prepared in homes and trees in advance, and use it as a mortar that helps her to stay alive and feed on it until the end of winter .

The presence of flowers and some types of plants preferred by insects
Insects are active in gardens and places where plants and shrubs are located, as they derive food from them, and sometimes some homes may contain different types of indoor plants that are exposed to the attack and invasion of pests, so they multiply and spread quickly. To the home, but you must be aware of the possibility of treating them and getting rid of these parasitic insects and eliminating them in many ways that preserve and revive plants again, as well as prevent their colonization, damage and loss due to these annoying insects
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