There are ten tips to help enhance your photography skills

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There are ten tips to help enhance your photography skills

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There are ten tips to help enhance your photography skills: -
1 - When photographing people, do not rush, and spend enough time with your subject before, during and after taking a photo. Try to get to know the person you photographed, and show your interest in them, their lives, and their opinions. Then, they will feel relaxed, as if taking a picture of them is a joint work between you two. مصور فوتوغرافي في الامارات

2 - Don't be afraid to take too many pictures, as it shows your willingness to try different angles, positions, lights and styles in your photos.

3 - You can be affected by the photographic works you admire, and that influence may be reflected in your photos, but your works should not be a duplicate.

4 - Don't be tempted by the temptations to edit photos through computer programs, such as Photoshop, unless you need them. Bad adjustments can spoil a beautiful picture. So, try to take your "tuned" pictures.

5 - Spend enough time taking pictures, and do not expect success in the first time or every time. Be prepared to learn from your mistakes, and review the photos that you may have failed.

6 - Use your smartphone to make drafts of photography, by taking new photos every day, focusing on lighting elements, installing shapes, unexpected elements, and anything that helps you break your expectations for "good photography".

7 - Look for inspiration in all forms of art, be it movies, music, television, clothes, designs, museums, or in books and magazines. Satiate with popular culture, and learn to use it as a way to communicate.

8 - Listen to the opinions of your friends in your actions, but do not be influenced by them much, and do not make the opinions of those who are not aware discourage you. Find ways to reach your favorite photographers, and solicit their opinions on your work when creating a set of your successful photos.

9 - Take a risk with your pictures, and challenge your understanding of the successful picture. Enjoy your time.

10 - Understand the technical rules, but do not make them limit your capabilities and aspirations.
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